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     "With music of elan, finesse and passion, so virtuosically rendered, this duo’s performances are irresistible."
     - Robert Spano, Music Director, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

      Russian Duo is an international project, born out of a love of traditional music and classical elegance.  Oleg Kruglyakov, balalaika virtuoso, and Terry Boyarsky, masterful pianist, have teamed up for exuberant performances of soulful, passionate music. Their collaboration highlights the mysterious sounds of the balalaika underscored by the vast expressive range of the piano. Featuring vocals, their extensive repertoire draws from Russian folk music, romances, dances, classical music, gypsy melodies, bluegrass, ragtime, tango, film score and Soviet songs.

     Russian Duo was selected to showcase at the Chamber Music America National Conference in NYC, January 2011.

     The Vermont Journal writes, "The audience was enthralled as the music slid from exuberance of joy and anger to whispers of love and crying so faint you could have heard a pin drop. "Beautiful." "Incredible," "Wow." and "He is making the balalaika cry," were heard as the audience listened intently."

     WKSU host and Cuyagoga River Concerts presenter Matt Watroba says, "We loved the way the Russian Duo combined historical information with world-class playing and performance. Our audience was mesmerized! They didn’t want them to leave the stage. The duo provided an excellent retrospective of the music from both the folk and classical traditions. Professional and crowd was a great success."

     Hartford Advocate writes, "explosive talent . . . see these dazzling musicians in action."

     ". . . the musicality and virtuosity displayed will appeal to a broad spectrum of music lovers." (Cleveland Classical)

      Since the inception of Russian Duo, in 2007,  Oleg and Terry have performed from Canada to Florida, and from Massachusetts to Oregon.
      Russian Duo is on the rosters of the Ohio Arts Council "Ohio Artists on Tour".


Russian Duo is also listed on the  Connecticut Library Consortium, Arts and Sciences - Charlotte of NC, Hartford Performs - CT, Capitol BOCES Directory, Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES, Broom-Tioga BOCES, Suffolk BOCES,  DCMO BOCES Catalog , Greater Southern Tier BOCES , Genessee Valley Educational Partnership in New York, as well as the United Arts Council of Raleigh & Wake Counties, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Education Directory, Kulture Kids and the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County in North Carolina. 

     "For a folk musician to be able to achieve the precision of a classically trained musician is rare, as rare as it is for a classically trained musician to deliver the freedom and spontaneity of a folk musician." (Robert Spano, Music Director, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra)

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